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Clearly, youve already used one getting here! Others are easy enough to find… on the news today of the recent arrests of some more people here in the US over their visiting training camps, learning about terrorist techniques etc etc, its a wonder that, if all these camps are so easy to visit, why we cant just send some CIA guys in with a season pass:

In two additional interviews on Thursday and Friday, Mr. Zazi told agents that during a 2008 trip to Pakistan, he attended courses and received instruction on weapons and explosives at an Al Qaeda training camp in a tribal area. [link]

Is it that easy to find these six flags of dementia and mercenary weaponry? Still, deep in the experiential reality of previous decades theoretical warnings about worldwide terrorism movements, its frustrating that the dominant paradigm of experience seems to be a slow moving nip-in-the-bud here, another-bud-grows-there hydra of unending un-resolution. Must be driving binary logic fundamentalists crazy.

And still yet, on the web at least, links to Al-Qaeda keep multiplying: visit some of them Here, and Here, and Here. Theres a lot more Al-Qaeda links Here also. Check em out, sniff em out, track em down, etc etc… its been long enough. Pennyante warlordism mentality needs to go the way of the dinosaur, wherever it pops up.

September 19, 2009
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