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Currently Targeting... Crow Vending: 2 please

Crow Vending: 2 please

While some make tools for animals and nature to fight back, a tech hack named Joshua Klein has created a crow vending machine which puts forward the argument that training animals can be mutually beneficial. From our point of view, at least. Using the bluntest of psychological techniques, the Skinnerian methods, the machine trains crows to bring back loose change to dispense food. The article states “he wants to train crows for search and rescue, picking up trash, and other mutually beneficial tasks.”. But cant this technology just as easily be turned to evil? For instance, the threat of dropping pebbles from great height onto high speed expressways can be deadly.  We must argue for a slow, cautious, designed process of ethical evaluation, unless we hear from on high, one day, the caws of words: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds…”

February 29, 2008
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