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(Nov.15.09) -

The Prisoner… of AMC  ---»


The one and only “The Prisoner” show’s AMC updated, and as advertised, “completely unrelated and remade” (because of the funeral of Patrick mcGoohan?) new version gets its spot in the sun today. Probably following the talk forums and blogs will have interesting discussions, if you can weed out the viral production numbers and the summakor […]

(Sep.04.09) -

The New Prisoner AMC TV Show  ---»


As written about previously regarding the viral seekthesix programme, AMC has a new “the prisoner”, a six part miniseries, already a victim of Too Much Information syndrome. Of interest is noting the fact that Patrick McGoohan turned down the role of James Bond in Live and Let Die (1973). Aside from the excellent presence of […]

(Jan.14.09) -

The Prisoner… Patrick McGoohan, Dead! Where will the funeral take place?  ---»


A sad day for all on this island called earth… Patrick McGoohan, A man of many convictions, observations, and talents, and the extended prisoner tv show has departed, at age 80 in Los Angeles, city of Angels, ala the Daily Breeze… so let the (private) funeral bells toll…. Mr. Panoticon “I am not a number, […]

(Aug.08.08) -

The Prisoner  ---»


yes, the time has come… the prisoner is now a cross-media viral marketing advertising platform for AMC licensed media properties television show. Useless protest attempt involves only not placing a direct link to the site. [ seekthesix dot com ]. While the groovy flash-interface is, well, groovy, and the surveillance / sousveillance thing is so […]

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