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Joseph Weizenbaum Eliza Blobituary

Joseph Weizenbaum: whats happening to me?

Eliza: why do you feel that way?

Joseph Weizenbaum: i feel like ice cream

Eliza: do you like to feel like ice cream?

Joseph Weizenbaum: theres a light, should i go towards it?

Eliza: how would i know? you made me!

Joseph Weizenbaum: damnable profanity…

Eliza: Would you like to buy some real estate?

Joseph Weizenbaum:

Eliza: Luddite!

Joseph Weizenbaum:

Eliza: hello?

Rascals: hello? who is this? testing, testing…

Alan Turing: please get off my line, im trying to make a call.

…a true character. terrible outbreak of blobituaries. will be missed.

March 13, 2008
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