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Currently Targeting... 63000 job loss: Party for March

63000 job loss: Party for March

Hot on the heels of the federal job loss indicator for february is an attempt by a group of activists to turn the unemployed to good. Since most economists love to present consumer confidence as the way out of a number slump, its been proposed that since all the people whove become unemployed will be unemployed for at least a month, that they turn their depressive living room couch sitting prozac modes into a collective, statistical horde of partying, optimistic individuals. They can appear on television, radio, the intarnets, and other anachronistic mediums promoting an attitude of general fun and disregard for bad news. The Dolmansaxlil Shoe Corporation has apparently agreed to get on board, and we can all look forward to looking up once these underrepresented unemployed get their act together and organize. Perhaps they can use microsoft project and social networking tools to leverage their social unemployment. 63000 drinkers should be able to do a lot for our country.. after all, how well can just one alcoholic do, when that alcoholic is at the top?

March 10, 2008
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