Tracking Quotas for January 25, 2020:

(Oct.11.08) -

Russian Caucasus Earthquake  ---»


A magnitude 5.3 earthquake hit 25 miles east of the Chechen capital, Grozny, Russia, in the Causcasus mountain region. It hit around 1:22 EDT, and was at a depth of 4 miles. The nytimes reports that buildings in the area are oarticularly susceptible to earthquake damage, but reports of damage are still waiting on inspection […]

(Oct.10.08) -

Henry van de Velde: I Love Machines  ---»


Henry van de Velde once said: “I love machines; they are like creatures of a higher order. Intelligence has freed them of all the woes and joys which are the lot of the human body in its activity and its exhaustion. Machines on their concrete bases act like serenely meditating Buddhas, squatting on their timeless […]

(Oct.10.08) -

How to Survive a Worldwide Financial Depression  ---»


Is the worldwide financial crisis a recession, or a depression? Skip to: »Financial Survival Reading List, »Worldwide Depression Panic Effects, »Where to put my Money?, »Worldwide Financial Crisis Survival Techniques, »Comments The difference between a recession, depression, and global financial crisis lies mostly in the scope of the localized effect. (update: some interesting fi-cri data […]

(Oct.08.08) -

Frank Herberts Birthday  ---»


Yes, its that time of the year again. Frank Herbert’s birthday: October 8th, 1920. The man who brought us intelligent kelp, desert societies, matriarchs, and extensive otherworldlies from offshore Port Townsend, WA returns to haunt a world in crisis. The deserts are coming, but they wont be offworld. The green brain, environmental plagues, new forms […]

(Oct.06.08) -

Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan: 6.6 Earthquake Death Toll  ---»


In the world of quake tracking: looks like a magnitude 8 earthquake struck Kyrgyzstan last night. The death toll stands at at least 58. Kyrgyz Emergency Ministry spokesman from the capital Bishkek Konstantin Yashin told bloomberg news that 120 buildings were destroyed and 60 people have died. He also reported the epicenter was in Tajikistan, […]

(Oct.01.08) -

Skype Surveillance Targets Skype Surveillance Users  ---»


New news from the nytimes on the information warfare frontlines: besides the somewhat documented Golden Shield Surveillance Project of China, also known as the Great Firewall of China, and joining carnivore and skynet and whatever other massive surveillance content filtering networks with all their far flung acronyms from whatever info war countries that need to […]

(Sep.25.08) -

Crusoe Originator, End of an Era?  ---»


Apparently, Transmeta is for sale. I must confess that I am currently working on my ancient crusoe-based laptop, which has far outlasted the standard consumer-churn metrics by lightyears. And while it may be a sign of the times that softspots in hearts can now be reserved for corporate-ontological socioeconomic structures, sobeit. The thing itself, almost […]

(Sep.19.08) -

Plant Threats to Privacy and The Source Of All Stupid On The Internet  ---»


A couple of interesting presentations during some web thing ignitenyc in ny this week… Sam Lessin gave a hyper-perceptive talk on privacy (a brief history of privacy). Gumbaby presenter (name unknown?) spoke on The Source Of All Stupid On The Internet, and the Plant Threat by botanicalls stood out in particulate resolution. Probably gumbaby was […]

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