Tracking Quotas for January 25, 2020:

(Feb.04.12) -

Fresh Water Contamination by Rising Sea Levels  ---»


As sea levels rise, saltwater can contaminate sources of freshwater near coastal cities and towns. When too much saltwater seeps into lakes, rivers or the soil, the water becomes undrinkable and unusable for agriculture. Nearly 635 million people – one out of every 10 people in the world today – live in low-lying coastal areas […]

(Jan.28.12) -

IPCC Third Assessment Report  ---»


IPCC Third Assessment Report

(Oct.22.10) -

The Slits, Ari Up, down…  ---»


Totally Losh. RIP.

(Oct.15.10) -

Infinities 1: Mandlebrot, 0  ---»


It does look like Benoit Mandelbrot has died. Can it be true? Just when he was getting into the deep stuff. Oh, I forgot: deep stuff can be infinitely deep. Goodbye…

(Aug.31.10) -

Resistive Redux? End with the Tramp…  ---»


Looks like HP has announced their resistive version of memory… ala Frank Herberts Programap? Anyway, start the day off with ReRAM, Resistive Random Access Memory, end it with the Tramp?

(Aug.10.10) -

Cold War  ---»


Dunno if anyone remembers a little thing called the Cold War, it was that stuff that pretty much Destroyed the World for a couple decades: Cold War (Kholodnaya voyna), 1947–1991: The Cold War – the Berlin Blockade (1948–1949), the Korean War (1950–1953), the Berlin Crisis of 1961, the Vietnam War (1959–1975), the Cuban Missile Crisis […]

(Jun.16.10) -

DEVO – Cat Listening Party  ---»


Cats… devolution, walmartite power bricks, bored, keywords, object energy domes but dont taze me bro cats.

(May.16.10) -

BP oil volcano, flow estimates, engineers, and logic  ---»


Checking out some of the latest missives in the BP oillspill PR campaign, theres just something blatantly wrong with a recent statement made by BP about measuring oilflow volumes, thats frankly quite insulting to engineers. Please. Engineers working on stopping a volumetric flow are not concerned with measuring it? That might explain all their failures […]

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