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Currently Targeting... Stock Market Disaster = Cattle Drive?

Stock Market Disaster = Cattle Drive?

People seem to forget the origin of the term “stock market” came from in a lot of bull… physical bulls. The Stock in the Stock market were cattle, in markets. So as the worldwide stock markets continue their downward spiral, consumers of cattle worldwide can perhaps take some comfort in the Corporate Fallout Detector, which, in combination with a re-theme-ing of Wall Street with nomadic tents and small medieval village squares to reflect the increasingly populist thrust, which, in combination with roller coasters and the policy thrusts of the rulers of the country of Disnea and run-on rhetorical structures merely reflects the voices of those who have been ignored as they attempted to say the same thing throughout the years: the systems broke, and designed for a feudal socioeconomic environment. Can someone please update these protocols?

February 20, 2009
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