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Bat Deaths

Humans question. Humans discover. I found a dead bat and proceeded to do both. Then I found another dead bat. Then two of them curled up in my woodstove, dead.

Update and Note: If youve found a dead bat, whether it indicates white nose syndrome or not,  the best overall resource for dealing with them is at Bat Conservation International‘s Bats and Public Health page. You can also listen to a great informative audio interview with Merlin Tuttle, the leader of BCI, here.

I live east of Vermont. Humans Fear. In the process of exploring Fear, the dead bat findings popped up again. Having built a small Bat House when doing some renovations, and then finding the dead bats, I worried about rabies, hoping that by accessing Fear I would increase my social standing in the current community of Fear, but the incidents arent statistically very good in the area, and finding so many dead within such a short period of time was strangely interesting, working against the Fear. There have been mutterings in the news about the bat deaths, especially following on the strange hive and colony collapse disorder of the bees, and going all the way to marburg crop circles. Will the scientists figure it out in a race against time and the great Unknown? or will rodents with rakes develop a solution and turn upon their creators first? only Fear can tell… only Fear will survive… only Fear will elect our next Republicant President…

March 26, 2008
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