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fathers and mothers and technology

“Welcome, egg[x]head. Your father and your mother are in your social network,” i was informed upon arriving at a certain social networking site. Not really, but i expect it to be true soon. In fact i predict a horde of Your Father and Your Mother identities may soon flood certain sites. The problem this hypothetical highlights is the one of redefinition of the familiar. Not a problem for generations un-iterated beyond the 2.0 era, but a strange experience for those prior to it. Why dont genealogies define identities more? Would we get a different feel for online community? An educator who worked with Canadian settlers, as in, the original settlers, the indigenous peoples, was examining standardized testing, so loved by governments as a means of metricizing their citizens, and was rewriting questions thusly: instead of “if you have two mangos and your friend two papayas, how many total fruits do you both have?” to read: “if you have three 55 gallon drums of snowmobile fuel, and your friend has two pints of snowmobile oil, how far can your snowmobile go?”. These highlight the importance of alternative taxonomic schemas for communicating different value sets, and different resolutions: in the first, the indigenous peoples are rated by the government as, basically, stupid: when in fact, the government trying to use a tropical fruit to phrase a math question to far northern dwellers is the source of the stupidity. Ask the question differently, and youll get very intelligent answerers. When will questioners become questioned? a timely question for the state of transparency in our us government. or maybe its just another stupid question.

March 2, 2008
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