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China Earthquake Damage – Update, Images

China earthquake measuring a massive 7.8 hit Sichuan’s provincial capital, Chengdu, nearby the Three Gorges Dam, at 0628 GMT. Images below and as they come in. At least 12000 dead is the death toll currently being reported. The networks are extremely spotty. Damage is reported:

  • I wont be updating this page any more. “The sun at noon is the sun setting. The thing born is the thing dying.” Hopefully the world will get together someday and deal with natural disasters better than making more of our own. Links to donations for disaster aid organizations are at the bottom of the page. If youre a first-worlder, hey, why not? Theres plenty to choose from.
  • Last and Final Status update: Tuesday May 13 @ 5:00pm EST:
  • Several elementary and primary schools have toppled: 900 students trapped, 500 dead.
  • 12,000 dead, possibly 18,000 more injured or buried, in Sichuan province alone.
  • Best Image and Pictures: here & here and at xinhua. More as they come in.
  • Most likely plate tectonic along the Longmen shan fault
  • USGS Earthquake Tracker for this quake.
  • 80 percent of the buildings collapsed in the Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County
  • Second quake hit near Beijing minutes after: 3.9 at 2:35 p.m. in Tongzhou, Beijing
  • 50,000 troops assisting in disaster relief, 10000 being parachuted in to epicenter
  • Transportation is heavily disrupted
  • Coal mines, chemical plants and oil and gas wells to halt production to avoid further casualties
  • The earlier quake from Yunnan and its aftershocks had left nearly 100,000 people temporarily displaced.
  • felt from Beijing, to Taiwan, to Bangkok Thailand.
  • people trapped in two collapsed chemical plants in Shifang & Sichuan: 80 tons of toxic liquid ammonia leaked from one
  • 12 train cars of fuel burning
  • It hit right before stock trading ended and the CPI rose nearly 8.5 percent
  • many houses have collapsed in Dujiangyan City, near the epicenter in Wenchuan County.
  • PetroChina Co. hasnt reported any damage, yet, at its oilfields in the earthquake zone. Its oil fields in the earthquake zone? yes, Chengdu is the site of about 40 percent of China’s gas deposits.
  • More than 1,950 aftershocks have been recorded, with 3 stronger than magnitude-6
  • Mobile network taken out in Chengdu… tough for disaster recon.
  • Giant Panda Breeding Centre: Wolong Nature Reserve, Status unknown. Will post pictures and status of giant pandas as soon as available.
  • Foreign car plants said to be ok!: world breathes sigh of relief, coughs.
  • Myanmar status unknown, as per usual. What, no one knows anyone in Myanmar?
  • Chinese inflation worries follow quake.
  • George Soros says: America is to blame!
  • Twitter and Robert Scoble are earthquake celebs. although perhaps only of interest to the wealthy.
  • prime minister Wen Jiabao is in Sichuan and Chongqing Chengdu provinces.
  • The UK Foreign Offices phoneline for missing British citizen inquiries is: 020 7008 0000
  • Donations from several USA based sources:
  • Mercy Corps: Donate via China Earthquake Fund
  • World Vision: Donate via

More updates as news comes in, will be receiving further information.

Videos of earthquake:

Rescue work at elementary school from xinhuanet

death toll reporting timeline: 5 dead at 6am est, 107 at 8:30am est, 5000 in one province at 8:59 am est., 7600 at 11:10am est., 8550 at 2:20pm, est, 9000 at 6:50pm est, 10,000 at 6:20am est, 12,000 at 9:45 am est

May 12, 2008
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