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Why DO you like talking to Eliza?

the exciting world of virtual psychotherapy, its ok, its not real,  seems to be catching on. A nytimes article on a new hbo show (dont ask me, i haz no tvee) talks about the power of the actors hand gestures. the pix show the psychologist-hero-whatever dressed in black against dark chairs and background, his hands contrastually highlighted in permanent gesticulation, although underground mole dwellers might have whiter hands. The article quotes Ms. O’Rourke (I assume shes not virtual): “In or out of therapy,” Ms. O’Rourke added, “you fall in love with anyone who will listen to your story.” So are emotional hormone components primary or secondary drivers behind social networking sites? the debate about whom is a slave to whom, the humans or their technology, is an old one, and what does this all mean for Eliza? if you havent seen this film on Joseph Weizenbaum, check it out. qt Trailer here.

February 28, 2008
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