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United States of American Express Bank

Interesting news clippings for rememberance today: American Express becomes a bank. Treasury Dept secretly changes tax code allowing for free bank mergers. Its like getting a free golf ball for opening a savings account. Mars Rover Phoenix goes quiet. A canister of the deadly nerve agent Serin started leaking several months ago at a military depot in Kentucky. Humanists promote their religious-free holiday: there is no god, have fun! For Veterans Day, a new study shows shell-shock syndrome follows veterans into the future: their offspring and even grandchildren remain extremely affected. Indian Filmaker B.R. Chopra dies at 97. Genomics alters fundamental assumptions about DNA and looks deeper into RNA Interference. Genetic interference is behind a new theory of mental disorders: competing parental gene sets create interfence. Food canning and urban root-cellar storage begins to rise in locavore techniques.

November 11, 2008
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