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(Mar.13.08) -

Joseph Weizenbaum Eliza Blobituary  ---»


Joseph Weizenbaum: whats happening to me? Eliza: why do you feel that way? Joseph Weizenbaum: i feel like ice cream Eliza: do you like to feel like ice cream? Joseph Weizenbaum: theres a light, should i go towards it? Eliza: how would i know? you made me! Joseph Weizenbaum: damnable profanity… Eliza: Would you like […]

(Feb.28.08) -

Why DO you like talking to Eliza?  ---»


the exciting world of virtual psychotherapy, its ok, its not real,  seems to be catching on. A nytimes article on a new hbo show (dont ask me, i haz no tvee) talks about the power of the actors hand gestures. the pix show the psychologist-hero-whatever dressed in black against dark chairs and background, his hands […]

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