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Skype Surveillance Targets Skype Surveillance Users

New news from the nytimes on the information warfare frontlines: besides the somewhat documented Golden Shield Surveillance Project of China, also known as the Great Firewall of China, and joining carnivore and skynet and whatever other massive surveillance content filtering networks with all their far flung acronyms from whatever info war countries that need to filter keywords…and of course, joining MI6 in their effort to unload sensitive, classified information on the unsuspecting public consumer of second hand goods, skype-ebay helped sell an unwiped digital camera just yesterday.

Anyway, today, skype-china apparently had a disastrous breach of their own surveillance :

“A group of Canadian human-rights activists and computer security researchers has discovered a huge surveillance system in China that monitors and archives Internet text conversations.” [article]

Oops. Who left the door open? Nothing unexpected here. But equally interesting:

“the Chinese computers were improperly configured, leaving them accessible. The researchers said they did not know who was operating the surveillance system…” [article]

Who’s operating the surveillance system? Good question: its the Sensors. It seems that there is just plain old too much surveillance data coming in every second of every day: growing, swelling, its starting to leak at the seams. We put so much info in that its like a barrel of old sauerkraut way past its prime, er? or a massive tank of boiling molasses on the hill above the town, eh? Eh? Accident, or a time of open sourced surveillance technique where we can use facebook to watch over our neighbors, because anything they do, they have to do in the open, there are really too many little privacy notifications to click through and read all of them, just ignore. Wouldnt RL just become more like a reality television show? Who wants to watch over their citizens to such an extent? Is it because they are the parents and citizens the children.. except, wait, its also the citizens who are the parents… forget it. Many people think its about threats, but i consider it may be a fundamental human genetically modified addiction to GOSSIP which drives these motives. That, and a weird kind of flea-picking alpha-dog pack mentality.

Enough blurbles. More interesting information over at the source, an interesting site: info monitor.

October 1, 2008
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