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Currently Targeting... AIG Geolocated Bonus Tracker

AIG Geolocated Bonus Tracker

For those of you familiar with the prop 8 donor locator scandal and transparency-complication issue, its probably only a matter of time before tools of transparency show their ability to become fullblown tools of dangerous populist sentiment. The recent AIG bailout scandal bonus outrage <pauserant> (good reference read: Hank Greenberg and the History of AIG, although the AIG quants perhaps should have read Insurance for Dummies… or even checked out the very cool new open-source risk management movement []…) </pauserant> by the mediated dictatorship of the (well-off in a worldwide context) American “proletariat” awaits the creation of the AIG Geolocated Bonus Tracker, in which google maps mashup with geolocated spotting by crowdsourced vertically-motivated antibonus activists sponsored by intellisense coffee brands to track all the individuals as they try to flee the public spotlight.

Coming Soon: AIG Bonus Tracker, Geolocated???

aig geolocated bonus tracker

I await its arrival with bated breath… as the highlighted calls for the blood of AIG would pretty much destroy the entire world economic infrastructure. Although the argument could be made that AIG and the very bonusers had pretty much done that already. Perhaps the bonuses were paid in order to assist in the escape and fleeing of the people ahead of a werewolf hunt. Who knows.

Look for the wigs:

Or else… the pitchforks might have their way:

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March 18, 2009
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