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Dems vote with Repubs to make Medicare concept illegal

As previously written about, the Freedom from Choice in Healthcare Act, a Teabaggers nationwide push at the state level to make it illegal to have taxes go to a healthcare system, continues its inexorable crawl forward, fueled by opportunist fear:

Virginia’s Democratic-controlled state Senate passed [Conservative-Led] measures Monday that would make it illegal to require individuals to purchase health insurance, a direct challenge to the party’s efforts in Washington to reform health care. The bills, a top priority of Virginia’s “tea party” movement, were approved 23 to 17 as five Democrats who represent swing areas of the state joined all 18 Republicans in the chamber in backing the legislation. [link]

The legislation would enforce a state-based right for people to pay medical bills from their own pocketbooks, and prohibit penalties against those who refuse to carry health insurance. On top of non-existent anti trust laws for private insurance, this is yet another way the Republicans are able to sway the opinion of people and move tax monies into the private market.

Taxes are, like mortgages, a huge pool of money, a money stream that grows or stays stable consummate with the level of economic activity. But to many conservative opportunists, its the big piggy bank they are destined to raid. Medicare and Social Security are paid for by our taxes, thus protected from either party’s overt and temporary influence. But the basic concept drives all their tax rhetoric: we want summa that money!

However, while it makes great “emotional” sense, that feeling of having ones monies “stolen” by a “government”, the truth is far more is stolen from the individual by quick and easy acts of obfuscation on the part of “business”. Walk-away morality doesnt apply to business, just individuals: and yet its a tenet of good business to walk away from contractual debt in order to stay competitive.

The two-idea concept of debt itself is clearly too hard for Americans to understand, in part probably because republicans and conservative leaning opportunist dems have done everything they can to raid the public education system of our country. In a nation of community college and trade tech air conditioner repairers and hair dressers, two concurrent concepts arent generally taught.

Debt and income can never be separated. Wealth in America is determined mostly by who can borrow someone elses money more than the next guy, not by how much money they make. Ones income only exists to maintain the minimum payments necessary to sustain the debt, and allow growth: ie, the ability to borrow even more.

February 2, 2010
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