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John Schoenherr, Artist Emeritus

Sadly, John Schoenherr, the artist known for Dune, Anne McCaffrey’s “Weyr Search” and “Dragonrider,”, and early Analog science fiction magazine covers (under John W. Campbell Jr. and Ben Bova), died recently on April 8, 2010. He did an incredible amount of childrens books and art, including the excellent “Owl Moon” by Jane Yolen and several books by Sterling North, and did paperback and hardcover artwork for SF publishers like Ace Books and Doubleday. He graduated Stuyvesant High School, Pratt, and The Art Students League of New York.

He was an emeritus member of the American Society of Mammologists, and a zoology enthusiast… as can be seen from here. When will we get the John Schoenherr coffee table book? Not soon enough. RIP.

John Schoenherr, Dune
John Schoenherr, Dune, Analog Cover (

John Schoenherr, Dune, Analog Cover,

April 14, 2010
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