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(Apr.14.10) -

2nd Icelandic Volcano Erupts, 800 evacs  ---»


800 people were evacuated yesterday when an Icelandic volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajokull (nearby the Myrdalsjokull glacier field) erupted, right after some small, 1 and 2 magnitude earthquakes, its being reported. The volcano is under the glacial fields, and about 100 miles east of Reykjavik, Iceland. This is also the same volcano that first erupted this […]

(Dec.16.09) -

Philippines Mayon Volcano Eruption  ---»


One of the Ring of Fire volcanos, Mayon, has had its eruption alert level raised to a full-scale eruption “within days to weeks” by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology: Philippine authorities have said a large-scale eruption of the 2,464-meter (8,077-foot) peak is imminent, and have begun trying to evacuate about 50,000 people living […]

(Mar.23.09) -

Year of the Volcano: Alaskas Mount Redoubt Erupts  ---»


Hot on the heels of the recent Tonga volcano eruption comes an airborne Alaskan volcanic eruption at Mount Redoubt. Follow the volcano on twitter is finally here! @mtRedoubt, calm down… Check out the appropriately named Ted Stevens Int’l Airport for the disaster impact on the airline economy. Latest Observations from USGS: Ash plumes generated by […]

(Mar.19.09) -

Tonga Earthquake and Volcano  ---»


A volcano near the main Tonganese island Tongatapu erupted today after a cluster of earthquakes near Tonga, the large archipelago stretching between Australia and Tahiti. The earthquake is being reported as a 7.9 magnitude by usgs. Several earlier magnitude-5.0 quakes between Sunday night and Monday evening, however, were not suspected as the cause of the […]

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