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Buffy-Saint Marie: New Music

Buffy Saint Marie has a new album coming out, Running for the Drum… and has a great interview on NPR this am. Her album Its my Way in 1966 is one of the great all-timers… with Universal Soldier, and one of the best 20th century data analysis and social-engineering exposition songs, “Cod’ine”. Theres an awesome new one on Running for the Drum though:

Working for the Government

Theres not a lot of music being made that bleeds through the human like her.

song clip:

The interview on npr is great: from the interview:

“People think we aren’t making any money on the Internet, but we weren’t making any money when record companies were controlling everything, either,” she says. Case in point: Sainte-Marie gave away the publishing rights to her famous tune “Universal Soldier” for one dollar. [read whole interview at]

…you can hear the full song Codine here, LFM upper right corner widget thingy.

Buffy Saint Marie Little Wheel Spin and Spin

Her website is over at creative-native:

August 29, 2009
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