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(Jun.19.09) -

Ray Bradbury on The Internet  ---»


“To Hell with the Internet”… Kudos to the Premier of Pedestrian V. Automobile, from a recent nytimes article: [full link] Fiscal threats to libraries deeply unnerve Mr. Bradbury, who spends as much time as he can talking to children in libraries and encouraging them to read. The Internet? Don’t get him started. “The Internet is […]

(Apr.19.09) -

JG Ballard, Sad Day for Funerals  ---»


J.G. Ballard’s death today of a long illness seems to wager the question, what did he really die of? what does anyone really die of? The future? The past? According to the BBC, who refer to (nee) James Graham Ballard, aka JG, as a “cult author”, Ballard was, well, a cult author, and yet: His […]

(Mar.19.09) -

Found: Przekladaniec, Stanislaw Lem  ---»


Been looking for this for awhile… a classic of eastern European filmaking… Przekladaniec (Layer Cake Hodge Podge), based on the short story by Stanislaw Lem, directed by Andrzej Wajda. 1968. The plot focuses on racecar driver Ryszrd (Richard) Fox, whose career mainly consists of being involved in car accidents. After each car crash he gets […]

(Sep.18.08) -

Frank Herbert: Without Me, Youre Nothing  ---»


Update: October 8th is Frank Herberts Birthday! Found: One Old Book by One Frank Herbert. Browsing through old thriftstore bins on a recent trip to the bay area, i tracked this gem: Frank Herbert (r.i.p.) writing The Essential Guide to Home Computers. Title: “Without Me, You’re Nothing“. (selected pictures below: click to biggify).     […]

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