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(Apr.06.09) -

rick752 dies  ---»


Easylist and Adblock list maintainer “rick752” died today at 56 after a recent stroke. Most know him thru the Washington Post profile last year… but his image understates how much a frontline figure he was, even as a “blue-collar, data scraping guy”, in the undetermined present, as forces of economy and scarcity confront forces of […]

(Jan.04.09) -

Mobvis, Internet of Things, and Revenge of the Hyperlink  ---»


Fears of the marriage between the concept of Ambient Intelligence and the Internet of Things promoting skynet scenarios for the benefit of an adocracy or geek-elite are highlighted by a recent cool article on MOBVIS, one of a slew of mobile visualization and hyperlinking the real world application/platforms: European researchers working on the MOBVIS project […]

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