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Further GOP adventures in oppositeland

Two quick drivebys in one short Associated Press piece, “Senate GOP proposes alternate consumer plan”, for the daily dose of strain-your-brain. In it, Republicans want big, big, big federal government at the expense of state rights; and second, they want all the power of banking and consumer finance to fall under the rule of a single federal banking regulator. Ouch.

Senate GOP proposes alternate consumer plan
By JIM KUHNHENN (AP) – 2 hours ago

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“In another departure from the pending Democratic bill, the Republican plan also would continue the practice of having federal laws override state laws. Under the Democratic proposal, states would be allowed to write and enforce tougher laws, a provision opposed by the financial industry.”

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“Opening a new front in the fight over Wall Street regulations, Senate Republicans want to reduce the power of a proposed consumer protection bureau by making its rules subject to approval by a top banking regulator.”

The thing that confused me about the title at first was, its not

Senate GOP proposes ALTERNATE consumer PLAN

, but rather,

Senate GOP proposes ALTERNATE CONSUMER plan

…Finally, the technologists have designed an alternate consumer, and the party strategists just want to get these alternate consumers built and out the door.

Read the [full article] here.

May 5, 2010
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