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(Jul.30.08) -

Library use increase linked to rise in homelessness and jobless rate  ---»


The recent flurry of library use increase statistics as shown in the graph below adds in the public space and urban design issues of public space use as linked to economic trends. what exactly do they use it for? are they siphoning off the free internet, are they reading and educating, are they using the […]

(Jan.02.00) -

Y2K what?  ---»


You go upstairs and check. No, you go upstairs and check. I aint checking, what if theres radiation and stuff? Wear this. Wear a trashcan? Youre crazy. Yeah, its metal, reflects it. No way. Fine then. Guess we’ll just have to sit here for awhile. Just wait like a couple days, radiation’ll go away then. […]

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