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(Mar.01.08) -

Friends, Technology, Black Holes  ---»


Maths question of the day: A friend recently acquired three capabilities: a cellphone, text messaging, and a facebook account. Another friend has zero capabilities: no cellphone, text messaging, or a facebook account, but does have one linkedin account. Assuming a rate of new capability growth being added to the social queue at a speed of […]

(Feb.29.08) -

Neil Turok  ---»


Straight out of the head of thinking dept the man who brought you the m-brane and p-brane and no there is no one big bang and we live on sheets kind of thinking, a really wild, wacky, and groovy frood, Neil Turok is doing on-the-ground work to get the AIM institute permeating Africa. How awesome […]

(Jan.28.08) -

Maths  ---»


just in time for the new school year, straight out of no child left behind, using a new form of virtualized teaching cirriculum technology… its Maths. Maths are a wonderful way to get kids involved in their own education. That way, the government doesnt have to foot the tax bill, and parents can enjoy the […]

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