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(Oct.22.08) -

Margaret Atwood on Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth  ---»


You may have already seen Margaret Atwoods recent book on Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth. And now she backs up her prescience with a nytimes op-ed about A Matter of Life and Debt. Withall, the recent worldwide financial crisis seems to once again be presaged by quiet observers. Its a pity quiet […]

(Apr.17.08) -

Edward Lorenz, Chaotic Butterfly Theorist, Departed  ---»


Mr. Lorenz, of the butterfly theory, weatherman and mathematician, wondering whether weather forecasting could weather the confusion over whether or not long term wondering over weather could weather the Lorenz attractor, sent chaos into the forecasting models with butterflies. Like Chuang Tzu before him, who also wondered whethers and wandered and dreamed about butterflies, the […]

(Mar.18.08) -

Arthur C. Clarke v2 Dead Batteries  ---»


Arthur C. Clarke, once and future futurist, hit a record of 90 ypl (years per lifetime) before the batteries gave out. “No one can predict the future,” he is said to have said, and yet, the future seems to be prone to predictability regarding certain things. Arthur C. Clarke, you never said exactly what the […]

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