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(Sep.13.09) -

Jim Carroll, Dead  ---»


Jim Carroll dead at 60… “Totally zonked, and all the dope scraped or sniffed clean from the tiny cellophane bags,” the final entry read, continuing, “I can see the Cloisters with its million in medieval art out the bedroom window. I got to go in and puke. I just want to be pure.” link

(Aug.26.09) -

Edward Kennedy  ---»


Edward Kennedy died of a brain tumor late Tuesday, August 25, at age 77. * Shamefully we now learn that Saddam’s torture chambers reopened under new management, U.S. management. * Make no mistake about it! There is an organized movement against organized labor and it’s called the Bush Administration. * The Republicans are looking after […]

(Apr.19.09) -

JG Ballard, Sad Day for Funerals  ---»


J.G. Ballard’s death today of a long illness seems to wager the question, what did he really die of? what does anyone really die of? The future? The past? According to the BBC, who refer to (nee) James Graham Ballard, aka JG, as a “cult author”, Ballard was, well, a cult author, and yet: His […]

(Apr.08.09) -

Dave Arneson, Alternative Historian  ---»


Dave Arneson, the other half of the Gary Gygax Dungeons and Dragons team, died yesterday. I recall in high school, the 80’s sometime or other, when not embedded in GammaWorld, being fascinated with a magazine issue D&D Blackmoor module, “The Garbage Pits of Despair”, which was quite excellent, and, I now find out, by the […]

(Apr.06.09) -

rick752 dies  ---»


Easylist and Adblock list maintainer “rick752” died today at 56 after a recent stroke. Most know him thru the Washington Post profile last year… but his image understates how much a frontline figure he was, even as a “blue-collar, data scraping guy”, in the undetermined present, as forces of economy and scarcity confront forces of […]

(Apr.06.09) -

Michael Crichton, Publishing from the Grave  ---»


Pirate Latitudes and a Technological Thriller… it looks like Micheal Crichton, the recently departed author of addictive airport classics and comic-book style novellas dealing with technology and the human, will be releasing a couple of posthumous novels…. they will be ghostwritten, skynet-ish-wise, by a ghost writer selected by the publisher, by Lynn Nesbit (Mr. Crichton’s […]

(Mar.09.09) -

Virtual + Real = Danger & Death?  ---»


Dangerous Love Robots pose one risk of negotiating algorithmic designs which attempt to merge the virtual and the real… i love you. Algorithms driving real world tweaks, and the real world is clearly the only endpoint testing environment of any validity, end up causing real world effects. So test, test, and test again i love […]

(Jan.16.09) -

John DeFrancis, Scholar of Chinese Language, Departed at 92  ---»


Sadly, John DeFrancis, one of the most influential scholars and teachers of Chinese language, died a week ago on Jan 2nd 2009, and no one even wrote an obituary until Jan 15th! Right on the heels of an excellent new show coming up at the Met, from January 23 – September 13, 2009 of paitnings […]

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