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(Apr.14.10) -

China Earthquake, Qinghai, 7.1, Hundreds Dead  ---»


A shallow, 7.1 Chinese earthquake in northwest China, near Tibet, has killed at least 400 people, with injured 8,000, and an unknown number still buried under building rubble and debris. Details about the rescue efforts are starting to come in, with rescue squads from Chengdu already arriving. At least one vocational college has collapsed entirely. […]

(Feb.04.10) -

Petrolia, Eureka 6.0 California Earthquake  ---»


A 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit offshore of Eureka, Northern California, Humboldt County, around 12:20 pst, no injuries reported… (other recent California earthquakes) Magnitude 6.0 Date-Time * Thursday, February 04, 2010 at 20:20:21 UTC * Thursday, February 04, 2010 at 12:20:21 PM at epicenter Location 40.431°N, 124.929°W Depth 11.2 km (7.0 miles) Region OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA […]

(Jan.12.10) -

Haiti Earthquake  ---»


A 7.3 earthquake has hit 10 miles from Haiti capital, and tsunami warnings have been issued. Death tolls expected to be in the 1000’s. 3 million affected, mostly surrounding Port Au Prince. President Obama is supposed to speak on the earthquake. What a difference in disaster response (or more like a lack of denial) than […]

(Dec.12.09) -

Geothermal Drilling Earthquakes, fear shuts down geysers project  ---»


Looks like as previously mentioned about the Basel geothermal drilling earthquakes, fear of earthquakes has shut down the largest US geothermal deep fissure project to date. Altarock, a Seattle based startup with over 30 mill in funding, has apparently closed shop on their “Geysers” project: But on Friday, the Energy Department said that AltaRock had […]

(Sep.30.09) -

7.9 Magnitude Sumatra Indonesian Earthquake  ---»


The USGS is reporting a 7.9 Sumatra Indonesia Earthquake about 33 miles from Padang, Sumatra. The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami watch for Sumatra and Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Its going to be a a big one: already currently death toll is 587 dead, wsj reports 700, thousands still buried […]

(Sep.29.09) -

8.3 New Zealand Quake, Tsunami?  ---»


A New Zealand 7.9 (UPDATE: 8.3 Magnitude) magnitude earthquake near American Samoa and Tonga has created at least one 10-15 foot wave, triggering a tsunami warning for New Zealand. At least 87 confirmed dead, with unknown injured, as they have not reached many coastal villages yet. But the numbers are rising, primarily in American Samoa. […]

(Jun.24.09) -

Alaska Earthquake + Geothermal Drilling = Basel Redux?  ---»


A great article on the times today renews thoughts of the recent Alaska earthquake, and questions all the push for pipelines and domestic oil drilling through one of the most active volcanic and faultline prone areas in North America: [article] Residents have been fighting for years with California power companies over the earthquakes, occasionally winning […]

(Apr.05.09) -

Italian Earthquake, 6.3, damage, at least 250 dead  ---»


A strong earthquake hit Italy, about 60m north of Rome, measuring 6.3 on the Richter scale around 0135 GMT, (3:35 am)… many reports of damage, now reported over 250 dead at least minister says, four children among them…. many old buildings and structures collapsed. Aftershocks are numerous and still dangerous, and Pope Benedict XVI has […]

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