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Riga Telefilm (Riga Film Studios, Rigas Kinostudija)

For historians, aficionados, apostles, devotees, enthusiasts, fanatics, followers and fans of Russian and Baltic Science (and non-science) Fiction in literature, art, and animation, the productions of the RIGAS KINOSTUDIJA should not be overlooked. They came to my attention as producers of the Soviet-Latvian 1980s animated science fiction series Fantadroms. The Riga Film Studio (Latvian: Rīgas kinostudija, Russian: Рижская киностудия) was (and still is) a Latvian film production company in Riga, the capital of Latvia, and a city with particularly awesome Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) architecture. (very sci-fi itself: see Things to Come by hg wells)


During the Soviet era, the NATIONAL TV BROADCAST OF LATVIA SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLIC, or RIGA TELEFILM, (also known as Riga Motion Pictures Studio), produced around 15 full length feature films a year, and employed around 1000 people, in addition to assorted animations and documentaries. Check out their webtelepresence:

Riga Motion Pictures Studio is one of the largest Motion Pictures Studios in Eastern Europe. The Studio was founded in 1948. It has been situated on the present premises since 1961. During the Soviet period Riga Motion Pictures Studio served as a film production enterprise providing all of the necessary services to turn an idea into a film. [visit Riga Film Studios]

Interestingly, in a holdover from the state run studio era…

The studio currently leases its facilities and studio services, and licenses film distributions in Riga. In 2007 a bill was rejected by the Council of Ministers of Latvia to privatize 125 films by RFS, they are still the State property.[wikipedia]

They offer some excellent sounding opportunities for indy films though. Hey, who hasnt wanted to build a massive barbarian horde army movie with the statistically successful percentage of romance, pirates, and intrigue in beautiful settings? (I mean, besides DisneyMegaHollywoodCorp inc.?)

We also offer a vast selection of weaponry ranging from the 18th century till WW2; among these collections you can find most everything from daggers to cannons… The Studio can create sets constructed by highly qualified and very experienced craftsmen both inside the stages as well as outdoors. The construction costs are among the lowest in Europe. Also 10 hectares of land, situated within 20 minutes drive from main buildings of RMPS, is available for the possibility of erecting huge exterior sets at very competitive prices. The Baltic States are rich with film tradition and offer a variety of unexploited locations ranging from historic old towns to modern urban centers to fairy-tale castles, dense forests, working ports and dramatic coastlines. [website]

They also currently partner with some excellent puppetry and animation studios (note ABoom, which is closely related to Danish bad boy director Lars von Trier’s ZENTROPA): [view puppetry studios]


Animation Studio ANIMACIJAS BRIGADE, Riga, Latvia

Animation Studio ANIMACIJAS BRIGADE, Riga, Latvia


But also dont forget to check out, track down, or try to find some of the old films produced there since 1945: [list of Riga Film Studio films]. Some of the more interesting titles I would love to see are: IT IS EASY TO FALL IN THE OVERGROWN DITCH (Aizaugušā grāvī viegli krist), THE SLOUGH WADER (Purva bridējs), THE TIMES OF LAND SURVEYORS (Mērnieku laiki), THE REPUBLIC OF VARNU STREET (Vārnu ielas republika), SALAD BOY (Salātiņš), THE HOUSE WITHOUT EXIT (Māja bez izejas), IN THE CLAWS OF THE BLACK CRAB (Melnā vēža spīlēs), MY SHALLOW FRIEND (Mans draugs nenopietns cilvēks), WHEN THE BRAKES FAIL (Kad bremzes netur), LATVIANS!? (Latvieši!?), and of course, the classic, THESE DANGEROUS DOORS OF THE BALCONY (Šīs bīstamās balkona durvis).


When will this world get it together and focus on putting artists creations where theyre visible and affordable, especially to other artist/writers/filmmakers? There should be some sort of universal “artist” card, internationally recognized, where you just have to make one artistic thing to get the card and then it will allow reduced rates? The public library system is a great foundation to build on, if only we could get less mega-bestsellers and latest hollywood dvds in them and more old Latvian films. But I digress. En Eternum.

December 13, 2008
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