Tracking Quotas for September 8, 2018:

(Apr.18.08) -

Illinois Earthquake Damage: Pangaea’s Fault  ---»


Illinois Earthquake splits America down the middle! Damage extends from the middle part all the way over to the middle part. People in the middle seem to be taking it in stride: “Not too bad,” they say, “seems all right now.” In other news, George Soros says everyone is fleeing currency. But where are they […]

(Apr.17.08) -

Edward Lorenz, Chaotic Butterfly Theorist, Departed  ---»


Mr. Lorenz, of the butterfly theory, weatherman and mathematician, wondering whether weather forecasting could weather the confusion over whether or not long term wondering over weather could weather the Lorenz attractor, sent chaos into the forecasting models with butterflies. Like Chuang Tzu before him, who also wondered whethers and wandered and dreamed about butterflies, the […]

(Apr.15.08) -

Pictures Images of the Pope Landing in America  ---»


pope pix! picture 1: wealth and gold wearing white gangsta outfit – sharp! picture 2: red carpet vip clubbing chilling with alcoholic president bush picture 3: hot young drunk daughter of the prez cold mackin with the gold wearers image 4: press snappins of the celebrities waiting for hot paparazzi messups image 5: world hunger […]

(Mar.26.08) -

Bat Deaths  ---»


Humans question. Humans discover. I found a dead bat and proceeded to do both. Then I found another dead bat. Then two of them curled up in my woodstove, dead. Update and Note: If youve found a dead bat, whether it indicates white nose syndrome or not,  the best overall resource for dealing with them […]

(Mar.18.08) -

Arthur C. Clarke v2 Dead Batteries  ---»


Arthur C. Clarke, once and future futurist, hit a record of 90 ypl (years per lifetime) before the batteries gave out. “No one can predict the future,” he is said to have said, and yet, the future seems to be prone to predictability regarding certain things. Arthur C. Clarke, you never said exactly what the […]

(Mar.18.08) -

Better Balkanization Through Synergy  ---»


Synergy: lets all get together! or, Synergy: lets all collapse into a black hole of selfsame homogeneous perspectives! The choice is yours. Or is it? Basic wikipedia research by estimable research personalities with high social point quantifiers clearly indicate that the velocity and direction of getting together decreases entropy internal to the monadic entity, but […]

(Mar.13.08) -

Joseph Weizenbaum Eliza Blobituary  ---»


Joseph Weizenbaum: whats happening to me? Eliza: why do you feel that way? Joseph Weizenbaum: i feel like ice cream Eliza: do you like to feel like ice cream? Joseph Weizenbaum: theres a light, should i go towards it? Eliza: how would i know? you made me! Joseph Weizenbaum: damnable profanity… Eliza: Would you like […]

(Mar.12.08) -

Presage: the Sputnik Effect on Science Education  ---»


Eisenhower in 1952 v Stevenson campaign stop in Plowville MN. Dwight David Eisenhower, Republican from New York running with Richard Milhous Nixon from California, Versus! Adlai Ewing Stevenson II, Democrat from Illinois and John Jackson Sparkman of Alabama. Let the paranoia and cold war begin! There was a good article on history of attitude towards […]

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