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Satellites Collide

via the beeb: a new first in satellite collisionology:

The US commercial Iridium spacecraft hit a defunct Russian satellite at an altitude of about 800km (500 miles) over Siberia on Tuesday, Nasa said. [link]

The first not being the collision, but in the passing of the threshold wherin the debris of one satellite collision spreads out, creating more collisions and deviations, and taking out the whole cloud. A dark shadow falls over the Earth and we can no longer see the moon or the sun. The vast amount of debris reflects light and the Earth slips slowly and inevitably into a debris-winter scenario. But maybe it might turn out to be a satellite of love:



In which case, it would merely be a cloud of love debris. The space station is currently being monitored for threats to it from the debris.

February 12, 2009
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