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Yunnan-Sichuan Earthquake

AP reporting (via China’s Xinhua) a 6.1 magnitude china earth quake struck Sichuan province 31 miles southeast of Panzhihua city, a city of over 70,000 near the border with Yunnan. This is a relatively mountainous region. No reports of casualties. Even though this is in the southwest corner of the province, is this actually a new quake or a strong aftershock from the earlier northern Sichuan earthquake? More information as it arrives.

  • Update: Xinhua reports more than 100,000 homes damaged or destroyed and at least 600,000 people affected.
  • Update: Authorities say at least 238 people were hurt. Death toll at 32.
  • Strong aftershock hit on sunday am in same locale.
  • update: up to 22 casualties. China authorities saying over 1,000 buildings damaged.
  • update: 4 confirmed casualties. from

One person was killed in Miyi county and another in Lihui county, Sichuan Province, and two others died in Yuanmo County in neighboring Yunnan Province, where eight people were injured. One of the dead was confirmed to have died when a house collapsed in Zhongchang Township in Lihui County.

Aftershocks are still being reported in adjacent counties.

August 30, 2008
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