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(May.05.10) -

First world to third world in under 60: Greece, markets, and tech  ---»


The Greece problem is another fascinating insight into the variability of markets, and a model to hypothesize about the impacts of various changes on how market swings are exacerbated or slowed by technologies. In part, what it comes down to is a similar problem facing consumers: everybody wants to make it about Greece, the consumer, […]

(Mar.18.09) -

AIG Geolocated Bonus Tracker  ---»


For those of you familiar with the prop 8 donor locator scandal and transparency-complication issue, its probably only a matter of time before tools of transparency show their ability to become fullblown tools of dangerous populist sentiment. The recent AIG bailout scandal bonus outrage <pauserant> (good reference read: Hank Greenberg and the History of AIG, […]

(Mar.03.09) -

Quant who Killed Wall Street?  ---»


Wired article on David X. Li, aka the quant of the Gaussian copula (in)famy… finally getting a little sunshine, along with other underexposed incidents, tertiary bacchanalia and personas sub involvus like Blythe Masters (hyperbole alert: destroyer of worlds?). But, whats with the head lice metaphors? To understand the mathematics of correlation better, consider something simple, […]

(Feb.23.09) -

Destruction of World Wide Wall Street, part 9^87  ---»


Those automated trading algorithms driving wall street trades for years have a stunning similarity to wall street traders, the flesh and blood versions, as the dow and world financial markets plunge. The algorithms we hath wrought, hath now wrought upon us their own type of global market wall street and banking collapse predictions ala the […]

(Feb.20.09) -

Stock Market Disaster = Cattle Drive?  ---»


People seem to forget the origin of the term “stock market” came from in a lot of bull… physical bulls. The Stock in the Stock market were cattle, in markets. So as the worldwide stock markets continue their downward spiral, consumers of cattle worldwide can perhaps take some comfort in the Corporate Fallout Detector, which, […]

(Dec.10.08) -

Worldwide Financial Recession 2.0  ---»


After stretching the old brain last month by trying to figure out how to survive a worldwide financial recession, the forecast and outlook is out from the World Bank, and it may not just be a recession but a depression: The world economy is on the brink of a rare global recession, the World Bank […]

(Dec.01.08) -

Recession: renaming the Dow index the Doom index  ---»


The official announcement of a Recession, backdated like stock options to a year ago, has finally arrived. In response, the American stock market fell nearly 9 percent in a single session, although European markets took an even bigger slide. The definition of a recession, from an academic panel of seven, is: “A recession begins when […]

(Nov.19.08) -

DOW drop in, but keep it under 8000, please?  ---»


Its a benchmark… backward! The DOW has finally given us a psychological threshold of de-evolution: “Its painful,” said Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst at Standard & Poors. “A lot of people have pulled a lot of cash out. Theyre sitting on the side. Its all I hear all day: Where can I hide?” [nytimes] The […]

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