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(Sep.30.09) -

7.9 Magnitude Sumatra Indonesian Earthquake  ---»


The USGS is reporting a 7.9 Sumatra Indonesia Earthquake about 33 miles from Padang, Sumatra. The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami watch for Sumatra and Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Its going to be a a big one: already currently death toll is 587 dead, wsj reports 700, thousands still buried […]

(Sep.29.09) -

8.3 New Zealand Quake, Tsunami?  ---»


A New Zealand 7.9 (UPDATE: 8.3 Magnitude) magnitude earthquake near American Samoa and Tonga has created at least one 10-15 foot wave, triggering a tsunami warning for New Zealand. At least 87 confirmed dead, with unknown injured, as they have not reached many coastal villages yet. But the numbers are rising, primarily in American Samoa. […]

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