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(Oct.24.08) -

Black Thursday falls on a Friday: 79 years of Volatility til Reset  ---»


The global stock market recession celebrates the 79th anniversary of Black Thursday with extreme volatility (VIX) fear index highs, dow plunges, and more! Black Thursday, the day the initial stock market crash occurred, (although Black Monday and Black Tuesday get all the infamy), 1929, is often overlooked, because its effects werent felt until after the […]

(Oct.10.08) -

How to Survive a Worldwide Financial Depression  ---»


Is the worldwide financial crisis a recession, or a depression? Skip to: »Financial Survival Reading List, »Worldwide Depression Panic Effects, »Where to put my Money?, »Worldwide Financial Crisis Survival Techniques, »Comments The difference between a recession, depression, and global financial crisis lies mostly in the scope of the localized effect. (update: some interesting fi-cri data […]

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