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(Mar.19.09) -

Found: Przekladaniec, Stanislaw Lem  ---»


Been looking for this for awhile… a classic of eastern European filmaking… Przekladaniec (Layer Cake Hodge Podge), based on the short story by Stanislaw Lem, directed by Andrzej Wajda. 1968. The plot focuses on racecar driver Ryszrd (Richard) Fox, whose career mainly consists of being involved in car accidents. After each car crash he gets […]

(Dec.13.08) -

Fantadrom Animation Series – Фантадром  ---»


Fantadrom (or Фантадром) was a Soviet Latvian animated series done in the early 1980’s by the Riga Film Studio (or Riga Telefilm, Rigas Kinostudija) in Riga, Latvia (also known, like Poland and Czechloslovakia, for excellent puppetry and animatronic skills). Fantadrom, as far as Ive been able to determine with limited Russian, is mostly a science […]

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