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(Apr.11.10) -

American Apparel Rummage Riot  ---»


Another great American cultural export: this time, to the country that exported the founders. London, UK was the site of a recent fashion consumer hipster riot: The screams of the crowd are just… titillating.

(Feb.02.10) -

Dems vote with Repubs to make Medicare concept illegal  ---»


As previously written about, the Freedom from Choice in Healthcare Act, a Teabaggers nationwide push at the state level to make it illegal to have taxes go to a healthcare system, continues its inexorable crawl forward, fueled by opportunist fear: Virginia’s Democratic-controlled state Senate passed [Conservative-Led] measures Monday that would make it illegal to require […]

(Feb.01.10) -

Denied: Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act  ---»


A classic for the annals of future tautological history (or non-history, as it goes): Conservative lawmakers in a majority of states are forging ahead with constitutional amendments to ban government health insurance mandates. The proposals would assert a state-based right for people to pay medical bills from their own pocketbooks [pay for it yourself if […]

(Sep.26.05) -

Rise of the Idiots  ---»


great article in Sugar Ape from the U.K. on the Rise of the Idiots. Pure idiocy. Got it on boot TV direct from channel 4, Dan Preacher Man Ashcroft… waiting for Wasp t12 upgrade to download. Been waiting on something like this since the dot com boom, er, bust, er, boom… its that pause, the […]

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