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(Dec.16.09) -

Philippines Mayon Volcano Eruption  ---»


One of the Ring of Fire volcanos, Mayon, has had its eruption alert level raised to a full-scale eruption “within days to weeks” by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology: Philippine authorities have said a large-scale eruption of the 2,464-meter (8,077-foot) peak is imminent, and have begun trying to evacuate about 50,000 people living […]

(Sep.30.09) -

7.9 Magnitude Sumatra Indonesian Earthquake  ---»


The USGS is reporting a 7.9 Sumatra Indonesia Earthquake about 33 miles from Padang, Sumatra. The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued a tsunami watch for Sumatra and Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia. Its going to be a a big one: already currently death toll is 587 dead, wsj reports 700, thousands still buried […]

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